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Singer John Dokes and his stellar backing band will captivate your mind and your heart with their latest. Prepare yourself for a unique, charming trip to a place you’ll never forget. Swinging, emotive, raw, adventurous, beautiful. Forever. AVAILABLE NOW!


  1. September In The Rain 4:01
  2. Forever Reasons 3:12
  3. She's Warm, She's Willing, She's Wonderful 4:35
  4. Agua De Beber 4:16
  5. You Leave Me Breathless 3:45
  6. If I Only Had A Brain 3:51
  7. Just You, Just Me 3:50
  8. A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry 3:56
  9. This Can't Be Love 3:29
  10. You Don't Know What Love Is 5:08


JOHN DOKES: vocals / DAVID GIBSON: trombone / STEVE EINERSON: piano
ALEX CLAFFY: acoustic bass / LAWRENCE LEATHERS: drums



JOHN DOKES/Forever Reasons:  With a valued day job as the cat that let’s you know how bad your allergies are going to be, Dokes sets his after hours sights on being this generation’s standard bearer for classic jazz vocal.  Already a known quantity for his work with George Gee’s orchestra, Dokes does this magnificent job of taking you back to the day without this being a set of manqué-ing around.  Swinging and warm throughout, you will find yourself wondering who this is from back then when it finally hits you this is now.  Note perfect throughout, this is a wonderful return to class and sophistication that just can’t be beat.  Hot stuff.

Chris Spector
Midwest Record